About the Artist

Linda Boss

About the Artist – Linda Boss Design & Fine Art. Charlevoix artist Linda Boss paints landscapes and landmarks in acrylics and oils – and created the Pure Charlevoix Collection to encompass the largest body of her work.

She moved to Charlevoix at age 15 and went to Charlevoix High School. Her husband Jim, is one of the Petunia Bosses, a longtime Charlevoix family and they have been together since high school. She is a graduate of the Art Institute in Florida specializing in graphic design and visual communications.

Linda has been creating art all of her life, commercially since she was six when she was paid for her first drawing featured in an ad published in a local paper. Though formally trained as a graphic artist, her passion is painting. Her love of the Charlevoix area, attention to detail, and bright, cheerful colors bring life to her northern Michigan landmarks and landscapes. Known for her paintings of the Charlevoix Lighthouse and the drawbridge, she has also illustrated and painted hundreds of homes, businesses and scenes of Charlevoix and the surrounding area and has captured “her era” in the history of this tiny resort town located on three lakes, famous for it’s beautiful harbor, drawbridge and 60,000 colorful petunias. She works in multiple mediums: acrylic, oil, watercolor, and pen & ink creating “traditional fine art” and “functional fine art”.

She is also the designer for the “official” Charlevoix city flag and her painting, “Celebrate Charlevoix!” was the 2008 Venetian Festival featured painting. Linda’s paintings, drawings and designs have been used on a cookbook cover and interior, logos, signs, t-shirts, posters, flyers and advertisements for over 30 years. If you were a fan of the Charlevoix Home Tour, you saw her illustrations. She drew all the homes for the promotional pieces for fifteen years. Her artwork has been included in Crooked Tree juried fine art exhibitions, numerous Charlevoix Circle of Arts juried art exhibits, Jordan River Arts Council shows and various local art fair shows.

When asked about her work, Linda says she has always loved to draw. Even as a child she used to hurry to finish a test or school paper in grade school, so that sketches could be made on the back. She even got in trouble for selling little drawings of dogs and horses to classmates for a nickel! The preoccupation continues today. She paints on just about anything, and isn’t afraid to try something new. She has done some unusual projects for interior designers and loves to collaborate with others. “Find a blank spot and she’ll paint something on it!” She carries a sketch book or a note pad most of the time to write down ideas.

“Yes, I love art and doing my artwork makes me feel alive! Just looking at a beautiful piece can bring inspiration and make me feel wonderful inside. I’m lucky that my husband and two boys are so supportive. Jim loves the unique and unusual too. Together, we have created many interesting features in our home. I express myself with color. If I could describe myself in one word, it would be “Artsy”… just look, it says so on my car!”    – Linda Boss