Artsy Specs Hand Painted Reader +1.75


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Artsy Specs Hand Painted Reader +1.75 by Linda Boss Fine Art

This individual hand painted, one of a kind black reader glasses are decorated with pink, green, orange, and yellow stripes, swirls and dot accents, giving them a more pulled together look those of us who want to make a subtle statement.


The reader is painted with a primer base coat, two to three coats of color and then clear coated. The clear coat is a tough sealer that resists chipping and adds a nice sheen. Each pair of glasses is handled a minimum of five times including the surface prep. Finally, the one of a kind reader is signed by the artist. A soft cloth glasses pouch case with a drawstring that doubles as a cleaning cloth is included with purchase.

The Story

I was blessed with better than perfect eyesight. Growing up I could see for what seemed for miles. I prided myself for being able to see things very sharply at ridiculously far distances and even had kids make up contests to see who could see the farthest. When I got a little older, I met my husband, who liked sports cars. We found a new use for my sharp eyesight. We found through observation, that I could spot a police cruizer “before” the radar detector went off (it was the eighties and radar detectors were all the rage). He found this quite amazing but didn’t trust it because, after all, who wants to get a ticket in a Corvette at twenty-five? Your insurance goes sky high. But time after time, my eyes proved right and faster than the radar detector.

This blessed eyesight served me well through years of painting and my career on the computer. I took precautions and did the eye exercises to make sure the computer eye strain I heard about didn’t damage my eyes. When I was about forty-two or three, I was at a flea market and found some hand-painted readers, “Cheaters”. I got a pair thinking “if” I ever had to wear the stupid things, this is what I could at least tolerate wearing! They at least matched my personality. I saved them in my jewelry case, “just in case”. But horror, at age 46 the “age switch” flipped. Overnight my eyes were “old”! Suddenly the computer wasn’t clear. Books were blurry. I started wearing the flea market find to read books in the evening. I could see again… but, they didn’t last long. The paint chipped off. Jim said, “What did you expect, they were from the flea market,”

Ok, I figured I could make some myself. I went to the store and got myself a pair that was in a similar base shape. (they actually come in quite a few shapes). I took my acrylic paint that I paint my landscapes with. I liked them. They were my color and had a funky style. I used them around the house and thought this will work! Until the paint chipped off again. I tried several different types of paint and combinations of paint, all with the same result. After many trial and error attempts, I finally got the perfect combination of primer, color and clear coat that is attractive and durable.

I started wearing them to the art gallery that I worked at one day a week. I needed the glasses to see the computer to ring up the sales. While ringing up a sale one day a customer asked if we sold the readers I was wearing (at the gallery). I said no. She asked where I got them. I smiled and said that I had made them myself. She asked if she could see them and asked their strength. Surprised and a bit embarrassed, (they were more than a little smudgy). I told her they were a +1.50 and I had been wearing them for a while. She said she didn’t care, that was what she needed. I cleaned them with my cloth and handed them to her. She put them on, looked in the little mirror by the desk and asked if she could buy them from me. “How about I make you a pair?” I said. She said, “No, I like these, and I have to leave the area. I’ll give you $20 for them.”  So, I sold them.

That night on my way home, I had to stop to get another pair to make myself new glasses. The following week someone else bought those right off of me too. This happened two more times in the next several weeks. The gallery owner laughed and asked me to make some and bring them in. That is how “Artsy Specs” started. “Artsy Shades” followed the next summer.


Clean with soft cloth or lens cleaning cloth and lens cleaner, for best results. I do not recommend Windex or glass cleaner.

Please Note

The colors represented on your computer screen may not match the image exactly. Please be aware that all computer screens vary in color and intensity.

Clean with soft cloth or lens cleaning cloth.


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